In the entertaining word search game Wordscapes, your goal is to use as few letters as possible to create as many words as you can. In this hard free online game, try to fill the grid with words using only 3 letters. To create the word you're envisioning, trace a line through the first letter, then the second, and finally the third.

The word will automatically appear in the grid if it is among the search results. Pass the level by finishing it to advance to levels with more letters, which will make the game harder. Gather coins so you can buy hints if you run into trouble.

Consider downloading Wordscapes if you're seeking for a fun approach to improve your vocabulary and be able to wow your friends with new words. The game includes puzzles that require players to fill up crossword-style grids with words made up of a few distinct letters. Playing Wordscapes on your desktop may be fun if you like anagram puzzles.

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