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While most word games focus on spelling, Contexto is about the meaning and contextual relevance of the words. Contexto, developed by a Brazilian programmer and based on Semantle, challenges players to decipher the mysterious word of the day. It's a game on the web that works with any browser. The puzzle resets at midnight local time, just like other daily games, with a new word for you to find.

What is Semantle game?

Recently, Wordle now belongs to the New York Times, became the latest fad to sweep the globe. Wordle-inspired adaptations and copycats have appeared on the internet since its rise in popularity, but one stands out and is “enjoyed” by hundreds of thousands of masochists every day: Semantle.

Whereas Wordle’s bright colors, refined user interface, relatively short learning curve, and multiplatform accessibility create a welcoming environment for players young and old, Semantle’s experience is anything but.

While the concept of guessing the “correct” word is similar, Semantle’s answer can be any number of letters long. The only way a player knows if their guess is on the right path is through Word2Vec, the Google-owned, underlying technology running the game, which produces a number representing how close the word’s meaning is (a.k.a. how close it is semantically — hence the name) to the solution based on the platform’s understanding of language. It also provides a “Getting close?” indicator of “hot” or “cold.”

What is the Contexto Word Game?

This may initially resemble solving Wordle, but the game has nothing to do with putting the right letters in the right places. Instead, you find the word by looking for similarities and relevance to the context. An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm called GloVe, developed by the Stanford Natural Language Processing Group (NLP), powers Contexto. It looks for words that are close to each other.

For instance, words like "computer," "play," and "game" may all contain the word "game," but "giraffe" and "porcelain" do not. The Contexto word game may also appeal to those who enjoy crossword puzzles and enjoy the challenge of solving them.

How do you play Contexto?

Many daily word games adhere to the Wordle template and limit you to six guesses. You lose if you guess incorrectly within six guesses. Here, that is not the case. With Contexto, you can guess as many times as you want, and the number of guesses you get counts toward your daily score.

  1. Press enter after entering any single word into the text field.
  2. The word's relative position to the secret word, which is number 1, will be shown to you.
  3. The answer is closer to you the lower the number. You are farther away the higher the number.
  4. Enter more guesses based on what you learned from your first guess until you get the correct Contexto answer for the day.
  5. You can click to view the top 500 words for today's game after you solve the puzzle.

We keep a full archive of past Wordle answers for your reference, but you can’t (officially) go back to replay any of the games. With Contexto, you can. For extra practice, open the menu by tapping on the three vertical dots in the corner and choose “Previous games.”

Available Settings and Options

Contexto can undoubtedly be a challenging game. However, the actual game mechanics are straightforward to comprehend. Consequently, the Settings menu is also straightforward. Open the menu and select "Settings" from the list of options to access it.

Language: Play in Portuguese or English Theme: Choose between a light background and a dark mode. You can decide how helpful the tips are. The position of easy hints is half that of the closest guess so far. Your closest word is one rank lower than medium hints. Hard hints are placed at random.

Filter by: Sort your list of guesses according to how similar they are or in what order you guessed them.

Other: After you find the correct Contexto answer today, toggle whether to hide the countdown to the next word.

What Do the Contexto Squares mean?

Everyone was sharing their Wordle scores on social media, which was one of the main reasons the game went viral. Everybody was looking for daily Wordle clues to beat their friends and family each day and wanted to know what those gray, yellow, and green squares meant.

It shows how many guesses you made, how many tips you used, and the game number. A collection of colored squares are below that. These show how many guesses you made about each position range.

Squares in green: From 1 to 300, the yellow squares: From 301 to 1500, the red squares: Positions above 1500

Helpful Contexto Tips and Strategies

Perplexed and in need of some Contexto assistance? Keep these important strategies in mind if you want to know how to win at Contexto. You will quickly discover the daily secret word.

Carefully choose your guesses. In Wordle, winning starts with playing the best-starting words. You should experiment with different categories and contexts with Contexto until you find at least one "green" word. Take, for instance, animals, everyday objects, and abstract nouns.

Make use of a thesaurus. A good thesaurus can guide you in the right direction, even though Contexto focuses on finding words that are relevant to the context rather than just synonyms. Keep in mind that meaning and context are the keys to success in Contexto.

Get a gratuity. To open the menu and select "get a tip," tap the three vertical dots. In the settings, you can select between easy, medium, and hard tips, as previously mentioned. When you find the answer, the number of tips you used will be included in the text that says "share."

Concentrate mostly on nouns. Common nouns like the neighborhood (Contexto #1), diamond (Contexto #27), and text (Contexto #61) make up the vast majority of Contexto responses. With the possible exception of beautiful (Contexto #22), you can probably anticipate that the secret word will be a noun.

Try an unrelated word. Utilizing our random word generator to jog a few potential concepts is not a bad idea because of the random nature of Contexto responses. Keep in mind that the position of the letters and the length of the word do not matter, so just about anything could direct you in the right direction.

Other games like Contexto

Wordle inspired a great number of related games like Quordle. Similarly, Contexto didn’t arise out of isolation either. If you’re looking for similar games to Contexto, here are some great options to consider.

Semantle plays almost the same way as Contexto. Look for the secret word of the day based on relative similarity.  

Semantle plays almost the same way as Contexto. Look for the secret word of the day based on relative similarity.  

Semantle Junior is the same game as standard Semantle, but with easier words.

Dowsle gets you to find the secret word based both on meaning and spelling. The word is related to a celebrity or famous quote.

Redactle presents a redacted version of a random Wikipedia article. Enter words you think have been removed until you figure out the article's title or subject. 

How to play

Locate the secret word. You have limitless hunches.

The words were sorted by a man-made intelligence formula according to just how comparable they were to the secret word.

After submitting a word, you will see its position. The secret word is number 1.

The algorithm analyzed countless texts. It makes use of the context in which words are utilized to calculate the resemblance between them.

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