Get the Word! is a delightful recreation of the now-iconic Wordle game, which gained popularity due to its simple rules, social aspects, and finite number of guesses. In the game Get the Word!, you get six chances to correctly guess a four-letter word. You accomplish this by filling in the blank rows with four-letter words. Of course, the best case scenario is when you successfully predict the correct word on your first attempt, but this rarely occurs. Typically, you find out which letters are in the term you're looking for after each word you write.

If the blank tile turns green, it indicates that the letter is present in the word and that it is also in the same location. If the tile becomes yellow, the letter you are looking for is there but is located in a different location in the word. If the letters from the bottom of the screen aren't in the word you're looking for, they will become gray after each row. The whole experience becomes fairly tense because you only get so many chances, especially when you get to the last rows.

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Using Mouse

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